provided at absolutely no cost
to public agencies and private firms

Bid Management

Progressive public agencies, along with engineering and architectural design firms, understand how to reduce costs and waste by differentiating themselves with various strategies and tools. The PennBid Program provides a state of the art electronic bid management platform which offers tremendous value to agencies and provides a competitive benefit to design firms.

Fundamentally, the PennBid Program was developed to accomplish two goals:

  • Dramatically save time and decrease costs on every aspect of the bid management process and
  • Foster more aggressive bid pricing through larger bidder pools and reduce costs for potential bidders.

Over 450 public agencies and engineering firms are now using PennBid. Below are just some of the features and benefits of the PennBid Program.

Historical Cost Data

Gaining accurate, timely, and specific cost data, whether for budgeting or project estimating, has always proved challenging. The PennBid Program offers this feature at no cost to progressive clients. When enabled, clients can query the extensive database to access unit costs, pricing differentials, and full descriptions, including unit quantity.