provided at absolutely no cost
to public agencies and private firms

COVID-19 Response

As we are adjusting to work and life changes, we want to let you know that the PennBid virtual offices are fully open.  Although you might hear kids or pets in the background, our ability to assist with any need or question has not changed.

Access from Anywhere – Being a cloud-based application, PennBid allows access from virtually anywhere, meaning you can work from home without skipping a beat. Regardless of where you are working, the data and infrastructure of PennBid is not affected. We follow industry standard best practices for security including use of a secure, encrypted connection.

“Virtual” Bid Openings – With bid openings conducted electronically, PennBid allows the bidding process to continue without need for physical meetings. The continues to promote transparency while bid results are made effortlessly to the public.

“Virtual” Pre-Bid Meetings – PennBid has assisted several agencies in finding tools to conduct pre-bid meetings online.  Applications such as Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Cisco Webex, And G-Suite, have a variety of features to fit many unique needs.  These resources allow for a completely virtual bid process from advertising to bid opening.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding PennBid’s COVID-19 response and our operational procedures during this time, please contact our office.