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Authority Articles

As a PMAA-endorsed Program, the PennBid Program shares many values and interests with PMAA (the Association).  Of these, providing individuals who work for, in, or around Municipal Authorities with timely and relevant educational information is one of the most salient. Recently, the Association has provided PennBid an opportunity to regularly feature content in their magazine: the Authority. PennBid is greatly appreciative of this opportunity, and wishes to utilize this in a manner that benefits both the Association, its Members, Affiliate Members, and PennBid.

Our vision for this recurring insertion within the Authority Magazine is to leverage PennBid’s subject-matter expertise as a lead with preparing articles (singular or multiple topics) that touch on a wide variety of issues and insights related to the broader topic of Procurement.   From legal and professional issues, to purchasing tips, to showcasing success stories and Best Practices, there are numerous opportunities to help educate readers in an engaging manner that highlights methods, tools, options and alternatives that promote cost savings and other efficiencies.